Include Teacher’s Pet Educational Services In-school Field Trips as a way to complement your yearly programming.
These field trips have been carefully developed by teachers who are experienced in addressing the diverse needs
and learning styles of students found in classrooms today.

What are In-School Field Trips and why should I book one?

We bring the field trip to your classroom! All presenters are professional experienced teachers. Specific learning outcomes from the Provincial Program of Studies have been developed into an interactive experience that makes concepts come alive for your students.

To make your job easier, a Teacher’s Package is included with everything you need to plan and prepare for your field trip. Field trip forms with a volunteer request portion and a checklist to help you prepare for the field trip are just some of the great things you will receive.

  • We teach prescribed learning outcomes at each presentation so your teaching load is decreased.
  • Strong literacy and cross curricular connections are included to expand students’ understanding of concepts.
  • The large and small group programming is theme-based and addresses a variety of learning styles in a fun, interactive manner.