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We're now offering our popular programs via Field Trip on Demand and live Video Conference directly to you.


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Home-Based Projects


Kidspark Education

Now available for purchase!


Introducing New STEM
In-School Field Trips!

A fun approach to critical thinking, managing information,
creativity, innovation, communication,
collaboration, personal growth and well-being.


TPET Tutoring

Caring, qualified and enthusiastic tutors to
inspire confidence and a love of learning
in school and life!


In-School Field Trips

Inquiry based, interactive and 100% aligned with the curriculum
and they take place right in your classroom!


What are In-School Field Trips?

Watch our short video presentation to see
what we can do for your class.


Adult events available!

Learning and creative expression
isn't just for kids: Paint Nights
Soapstone Programs and more.


Community Events

Are you having a community or
special event? Include our programs
to make it spectacular!


Community groups
love our programs!

Girl Guides, Boy Scouts,
Church groups, you name it.


Team Building

Get creative with your team!


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Attention Teachers,

Due to a widespread shortage of some supplies and materials, we reserve the right to substitute supplies for your program. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is beyond our control.

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