A Better Alternative

Founded by Ruth Pabst, a Reading Specialist, Teacher’s Pet Educational Services Inc. offers exceptional programs not found in most tutoring and field trip companies. What makes this Alberta based tutoring and field trip centre so unique is its innovative in-school programs, unique projects and customized programming that addresses students’ specific needs.

In-School Field Trips

Looking for a field trip that addresses the provincial curriculum 100% of the time?

You have come to the right place! All of our field trips are 100% aligned to the Provincial Curriculum and we bring the field trip right to your classroom, thereby saving you valuable classroom time that is wasted when traveling off site. This saves you money too! All field trips are interactive and engaging and are designed to address all learning styles and abilities.

Homework Support

Need a tutor?

Depending upon the program and the tutor, professional assessments can be used to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on those results, a program is designed specifically for the student.

Don’t need a formal assessment and a specialized program?

No problem! Teacher’s Pet offers exceptional homework support. You won’t find generic, leveled worksheets or a “cookie cutter” approach to our tutorials. All tutorials are one on one and are based upon what the student needs to be successful in the classroom. Our tutors will help you catch up, understand those difficult concepts, study for exams, and work closely with you to help you succeed. You will work with tutors who are specialists in that subject. All of our tutor tutors are certified, experienced teachers. It is like having your own personal resource room teacher!