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Extra Materials

*In-School Programs Only*


We are happy to leave behind extra materials for:

  • Absent Students
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Parent Volunteers

These extra materials will come at an additional cost, outlined below, which will be added to the field trip invoice.

Project-Based Take Home Materials – $10.00 each

Extra take-home materials for these projects will include:

  • A Prairie Community In The Past – wooden ball and cup
  • Acadia – wooden lighthouse. Paint not included. 
  • Bugs: Small Crawling and Flying Animals – 1 wooden insect box, plastic insect, and geometric shape stickers
  • Building Things – 1 box for platform, assorted building materials, and 1 animal
  • Buoyancy and Boats – 1 paddle boat kit including hull, paddles, elastics, smokestack, and sandpaper
  • Catapults – 1 catapult set with dowels, sandpaper, and elastics
  • Creative Art Series – 1 wrapped canvas or 1 panel canvas and easel. Paint not included.
  • Dreamcatchers, Legends and Games – all materials required to build a dreamcatcher
  • Hearing and Sound – Rainstick
  • Inuit – 1 Inukshuk soapstone shape and sandpaper
  • Magnetism – 1 box for platform, plastic dog, and magnetic wand
  • Number Farm – Magnetic Farm Book
  • Rocks and Minerals – 1 digging stone and tool
  • Soapstone Art – 1 soapstone shape and sandpaper
  • The Ultimate Playground – 1 box for platform, assorted building materials, and 1 piece of clay
  • Wood Projects:  Bee House – all wood pieces required to build the bee house. Glue not included.
  • Wood Projects: Birdhouse – all wood pieces required to build the birdhouse. Glue not included.
  • Wood Projects: Pioneer Log Cabin – all pieces required to build the log cabin, including glue
  • Wood Projects: Tool Box – all wood pieces required to build the tool box.

Extra take home materials for all other field trip topics: $6.75

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