Immerse your students in the wood building process! These cross-curricular projects are perfect for all subjects & grade levels and are ideal as gifts for parents, open houses and whole school activities.

A bird enthusiast will be visiting your classroom!

Each student will build and paint an impressively large birdhouse to take home. While we do strive to make the projects unique by adding tempera paint, we cannot guarantee that there will be time to paint them to completion. Building the birdhouses is the main objective. Painting can be a fantastic extension activity once your presenter has left.

Finished birdhouse measures approximately 11” high by 7.5” wide.
Please note that Kindergarten – Grade 2 classes will require 5 volunteers.

I absolutely love the fact that the children each have a birdhouse to take home with them when they are done. The hands-on project is so much fun for them, and they are so excited to make their birdhouses. This is the 2nd year I have done this field trip, and both times my students have been excited to learn more about birds after we have finished building their birdhouses. I appreciate the Presenter’s patience and enthusiasm while teaching my students!

S.F., Grade 1 TeacherAldergrove School

Birdhouse is a great sized product that kids get to take home. It was a fun project that the kids enjoyed building. I like that there were a couple of mini breaks planned out during the project to allow time for projects to be checked and glue to dry. Steps for building the birdhouses were clearly presented and easy to follow.

Grade 2 TeacherConstable Daniel Woodall School

It was very relevant to our curriculum for a number of outcomes. Students were able to build a 3-D structure that related well to our studies about birds and about caring for our environment. Parent interest was high and we had excellent response and participation from parents. The Presenter brought a model, outlined the steps in order and monitored the progress as the project was in construction. Students also had choices in the paint colours for decoration. Students enjoyed the movement and novelty of the breaks. Students were so proud to take their colourful and useful projects home.

M.E., Kindergarten TeacherNew Norway School