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Arrr, Matey!

Come set sail on the ship Buoyancy and find out what a pirate needs to know to stay afloat. This exciting adventure will show all land lubbers that it takes special characteristics to float and move in water. Take what you’ve learned and make your own paddle boat and become a pirate too!


  • Theme: Pirates
  • Activities: Interactive storytelling, predicting and testing floating and sinking, exploration of neutral buoyancy, hands-on examination of boat parts and types, construction of wooden boat.
  • Take-Home: Functioning wooden paddle boat built by students

This program can be delivered in the following ways

In-School Field Trip

Our tried and true 2 hour field trips take place right IN your classroom! No bus to rent, no wasted school time due to traveling and no long documents to fill out! Our experienced field trip presenters will come to your classroom to deliver our 100% provincial curriculum aligned field trips. Each theme based field trip is action packed and hands-on!

Volunteers: 3-4 requested

Take Home:  Wooden Paddle Boat

Field Trip on Demand
  • Prerecorded videos
  • Curriculum based
  • Each program has a project for each student to make and keep
  • We ship the supplies to the school
  • Teacher determines when the program takes place.
  • Teacher receives a link to the pre-recorded video
  • Works in all school re-entry scenarios (Classroom and home learning)

Take Home:  Wooden Paddle Boat

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I overheard some of the students saying this is the "Best Field Trip Ever!". We got to listen to a story, see if things sink or float and we got to build a boat and take it home". As a teacher, I think this is the best value for the students' money, they learned a lot and they get to take a boat home to experiment even further. Great field trip!

L.M., Grade 2 TeacherCalder School

The presenter was engaging and fun. The post activity student booklet provides the teacher with a good assessment tool for what the students learned. I covered a whole unit in one day!

L.M.Monsignor Neville Anderson

I love how engaged the students are. The activities are so hands-on and the instructors get the students active and engaged right from the start. It is an amazing program for grade 2 science, we do it every year!

Grade 2 TeacherMonsignor J.S. Smith School

So many outcomes covered for Boats and Buoyancy unit, and so much fun hands-on stuff. Students LOVE the boats they got to make and take home. Very memorable workshop for the kids, which helps them do so strongly on our follow up lessons on this unit.

M.C., Grade 2 TeacherOur Lady of Wisdom School

So many concepts covered in one lesson. Loved having parents work in small groups to promote deep conversations with kids. I was able to walk around and listen to the conversations, discover misconceptions students have and see where our inquiry is moving next.

E.D., Grade 2 TeacherWest Springs School

Knowledge & Understanding

Describe, classify and order materials on the basis of their buoyancy. Students who have achieved this expectation will distinguish between materials that sink in water and those that float. They will also be aware that some “floaters” sit mostly above water, while others sit mostly below water. The terms buoyancy and density may be introduced but are not required as part of this learning expectation.

  • Alter or add to a floating object so that it will sink, and alter or add to a non-floating object so that it will float.
  • Assemble materials so they will float, carry a load and be stable in water.
  • Modify a watercraft to increase the load it will carry.
  • Modify a watercraft to increase its stability in water.
  • Adapt the design of a watercraft so it can be propelled through water.