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Let’s build a zoo!

Working in groups, students will explore a variety of materials and fasteners as they construct zoo enclosures. Students will also construct their own 3D animal and will take the entire project home. Join our zookeeper on this building adventure!

Take-Home: 3D Animal, Zoo Enclosure


  • Theme: Zoo
  • Activities: Storytelling imaginative activity, construction of a 3D animal, exploration of fasteners and other materials, each student builds their own zoo enclosure using a variety of unique materials.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Zoo enclosure and 3-D animal built by the student

My students were engaged in a developmentally appropriate task. I loved that Teacher's Pet provided all of the materials the students would need to complete their project.

Grade 1 TeacherGrasmere School

It's a great opportunity to observe my students' perseverance and problem-solving skills.

M.K., Grade 1 TeacherDunluce School

This field trip combined many aspects of Science, Math and problem-solving. It was very engaging for the students! The take-home aspect of the enclosure is also great.

Grade 1 TeacherParkallen School

It was a project that required many different materials so it was nice that I did not have to collect them all. The Presenter had everything well organized and ready.

T.H., Grade 1 TeacherKeheewin School

I loved the student accessibility and engagement. All learners are able to completely participate, regardless of their ability. During the entire field trip students were engaged and on task.

Grade 1 TeacherLorelei School

I love that it covers so many of the Building Things outcomes in one hands-on, interactive, and engaging lesson. The students LOVE this and couldn't stop talking about their zoo enclosures when we went back to class.

Grade 1 TeacherHidden Valley School

The program fit perfectly in with our current Science unit. It was incredibly engaging for all my students (including my student with autism). The building supplies were perfect for them and they were all so excited to take their zoo habitats home.

S.V., Grade 1 TeacherNorth Haven School
  • Select appropriate materials, such as papers, plastics, woods; and design and build objects based on the following kinds of construction tasks:
    – construct model buildings
    – construct model objects
    – construct toys; pop-ups, figures
  • Identify component parts of personally constructed objects, and describe the purpose of each part.
  • Compare two objects that have been constructed for the same purpose, identify parts in one object that correspond to parts in another, and identify similarities and differences between these parts.Recognize that products are often developed for specific purposes, and identify the overall purpose for each model and artifact constructed.