STEM is an integrated approach to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

These programs embed the competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and personal growth and well-being.

Students use knowledge and strategic skills to apply the engineering and design process to solve challenges.

Marble Runs

Students will put on their thinking caps to engineer and build a variety of marble runs using wooden planks to solve challenges. Collaboration, creativity, problem solving and innovation abound as the students experience their designs in action!

  • Division 1: 1 volunteer per 4 students
  • Division 2: 1-3 volunteers

The students were extremely engaged! They loved this field trip! Many said it was the best field trip ever!

S.M., Grade 3 TeacherNew Horizons School

Towers & Structures

Unleash your inner architect! Students will use scientific principles to apply the engineering design process while being challenged to create structures and towers. The sky is the limit!

  • Division 1: 1 volunteer per 4 students
  • Division 2: 1-3 volunteers

Hands-on, allows for creative thinking - no two structures were the same.

J.C., Grade 1 TeacherSt. Gerard School

The Presenter was amazing! He knew how to communicate effectively with the age group and his classroom management was excellent.

N.F., Grade 3 TeacherLaurier Heights School

This is an absolutely excellent new field trip! I will definitely book it again: the students were so engaged, the curriculum was covered well, and the Presenter was a phenomenal teacher!

J.K., Grade 3 TeacherEdmonton Christian Northeast School

The progression of the hands-on activities was excellent and set the students up for success.

D.P., Grade 3 TeacherAnne Fitzgerald School