Students will explore First Nations legends and games and will create their own dreamcatcher to take home!

Specific legends and activities will vary depending upon grade level and curricular outcomes.

literacy connection, artifacts & games, dreamcatcher activity

As our school has a large FNMI population (with primarily Cree as their background), I enjoyed being able to bring someone in to help teach about other cultures and First Nations as a whole throughout Canada. Many of our students who are FNMI do not know about other cultures and First Nations in Canada and have a limited understanding of this. The centers were well thought out and the students loved playing the games. Breaking the class in half to be able to make their dreamcatchers was efficient and the students felt very successful with their product.

T.L., Grade 1 TeacherPrince Charles School

It was well thought out, the students loved it, and it gave them great insight into FNMI culture which was fantastic! They LOVED the dreamcatchers. 🙂 Thank you!!

Grade 3 TeacherFather Leduc School

The games were so engaging and fun. It was a great split between Dreamcatcher making and the other 3 groups. Really well designed and organized! Can't wait to wait to book for next year!

J.J., Grade 1 TeacherKim Hung School

I love the hands-on approach to teaching my little guys some legends from the First Nation people. I like how the legends tie in with the games. My absolute favourite part was making the dreamcatchers. They turned out absolutely beautiful and are something the kids can have for years to come.

M.B., Kindergarten TeacherAurora School

The students loved the material and activities. There were a variety of things to do that appealed to different learners: kinesthetic, play-based, and quiet listening to stories and legends. The variety was great!

Grade 5 TeacherRundle Academy School