The Doctor is in and she’s bringing along a special friend who really needs some help!

Icky Sicky needs to learn what makes you sick and what keeps your body safe, healthy and happy. Join Icky Sicky on an interactive journey as he learns about hand washing, teeth brushing, feelings, food and more! Students will try finding plaque on giant teeth, build a food pyramid, discover how germs spread with a black light and so much more as they help Icky Sicky discover just what it takes to keep our bodies in tip top shape.


  • Theme: Icky Sicky
  • Activities: Practicing brushing teeth with giant models, use of manipulatives, handwashing experiment with black light, sorting food items, physical activity break, reflective feelings activity, problem solving as a group.
  • Take-Home: Toothbrush

I loved The Presenter's enthusiasm. The field trip itself was excellent as it was relatable. Students at this age are very aware of healthy habits, so to take some time and discuss them is engagingly appropriate.

Kindergarten TeacherCalgary French International School

I love that the Presenter comes to us and brings all the supplies. It fits with our program really well!

Kindergarten TeacherElmer S. Gish School

The enthusiasm of the Presenter, the pacing of the stations, the exercise and snack incorporation and the materials used at each station were excellent!

S.R., Kindergarten TeacherLymburn School

What I liked and really appreciated was that the entire presentation was very organized. There was a great deal of variety within the centers. The students enjoyed their field trip 🤗

C.B., Kindergarten TeacherMuir Lake School

General Outcome: Wellness Choices

Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

W-K.1: Describe ways, and make choices, to be physically active daily
W-K.2: Identify and use positive hygiene and health care habits; e.g., hand-washing, dental care, wearing appropriate clothing for prevailing conditions
W-K.5: Recognize that nutritious foods are needed for growth and to feel good/have energy; e. g., nutritious snacks

General Outcome: Relationship Choices

Students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions.

R-K.1: Demonstrate knowledge of different kinds of feelings and vocabulary of feeling words; e.g., happiness, excitement
R-K.2: Explore the relationship between feelings and behaviours; e.g., feelings are okay, but not all behaviours are okay
R-K.3: Identify situations where strong feelings could result

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