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Make a jigsaw puzzle as you learn about communities you belong to.

Play a rights and responsibilities card game. Write a postcard about an important landmark in your community. Create and present a decision making puppet play. This and much more, as Community Kate takes your students on an adventure to learn about their world.


  • Activities: Discover different communities in Alberta, create individual community jigsaw puzzle to reflect the different communities each student belongs to, play a “Rights and Responsibilities” card game, apply strategies for making group decisions to create a puppet play
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle of Student’s Communities/Groups

This program can be delivered in the following ways

In-School Field Trip

Our tried and true 2 hour field trips take place right IN your classroom! No bus to rent, no wasted school time due to traveling and no long documents to fill out! Our experienced field trip presenters will come to your classroom to deliver our 100% provincial curriculum aligned field trips. Each theme based field trip is action packed and hands-on!

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The stations were very well organized and had a curriculum connection. The Presenter was awesome.

O.M., Grade 1 TeacherSt. Matthew School

Engaging and good pace at each station. This program provides a good overview of the Social Studies curriculum. The Puppet station (decision making) is a big hit and students love it.

Grade 1 TeacherCrawford Plains School

Lots of different learning outcomes were met in different ways. The students seemed excited to be a part of each station.

R.M., Grade 1 TeacherCoronation School

I liked that the field trip was directly related to curriculum - it's nice for the students to hear some of content from someone other than me 🙂 The kids loved the puppets!

J.S., Grade 1 TeacherCrestomere School

1.1.1 Value self and others as unique individuals in relation to their world:

  • Appreciate how belonging to groups and communities enriches an individual’s identity (I)
  • Demonstrate respect for their individual rights and the rights of others (C, I)

1.1.2 Value the groups and communities to which they belong:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to share and cooperate with others (C, PADM)
  • Appreciate how their actions might affect other people and how the actions of others might affect them (C)
  • Demonstrate a willingness to resolve issues and/or problems peacefully (C, PADM)
  • Assume responsibility for their individual choices and actions (CC, I)

1.1.3 Examine how they belong and are connected to their world by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • What different types of communities or groups do you belong to? (CC)
  • What helps us to recognize different groups or communities (e.g., landmarks, symbols, colors, logos, clothing)? (CC)
  • In what ways do we belong to more than one group or community at the same time? (CC, I)
  • In what ways do we benefit from belonging to groups and communities? (C, CC, I)
  • What are our responsibilities and rights at home, at school, in groups and in communities? (C, CC, I)

1.1.4 determine what makes their communities thrive by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • How do groups make decisions? (PADM)
  • In what ways do people help one another at home, at school and in groups to ensure the vitality of their community? (C)
  • How do our actions and decisions contribute to the well-being of groups and communities? (C, I, PADM)

1.1.5 distinguish geographic features in their own community from other communities by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • What are some familiar landmarks and places in my community? (CC, TCC)
  • Why are these landmarks and places significant features of the community? (CC, I, TCC)
  • What are some differences between rural and urban communities? (CC, LPP)
  • Where is my community on a map or on a globe? (LPP)