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Join Designer Deb on this ultimate designing and building adventure!

Learn about fasteners. Experiment with strong shapes. Students will use their problem-solving skills to design, test and build the ultimate playground to take home using a defined set of criteria and materials.

 Take-Home: Playground Project & “Mini Me”


  • Activities: Construct a “me” from clay to act as a tester, complete the “Spanning the Gap Experiment”, review strong shapes, design, build and test playgrounds, discuss building challenges and solutions.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Each student takes home their newly constructed playground and “me”.

I like the hands-on activity and the variety of materials that the students get to build with.

K.S., Grade 3 TeacherMuriel Martin School

This was very hands-on and the instructions were always very clear and broken down well. The presenter had excellent classroom management skills! This also covered lots of outcomes for the science unit and was a perfect way to wrap up the unit and practice skills we had been working on.

M.V., Grade 3 TeacherEdmonton Christian West

The Presenter was engaging, friendly, and organized. The take-home playground was a huge hit. My class was so engaged from start to finish. It really was an excellent presentation. Probably my favourite T-Pet so far!

D.C., Grade 3 TeacherGuardian Angel School

The Presenter was amazing! She has excellent classroom management, she gets the kids excited and keeps them engaged, she ensures they are doing their best work! The Ultimate Playground is one of my favourite Teacher's Pets and it's a highlight of our year.

K.K., Grade 3 TeacherRosedale School

3–1 Investigate the nature of things, demonstrating purposeful action that leads to observations and inferences.


  • Ask questions that lead to exploration and investigation
  • Identify one or more possible answers to questions by stating predictions or hypothesis

Explore and Investigate

  • Identify, with guidance, procedures to be followed in finding answers to given questions
  • Carry out procedures developed by themselves or identified by others
  • Identify materials and how they are used
  • Work independently or with others to carry out the identified procedures

3–3 Investigate a practical problem, and develop a possible solution.


  • Identify the purpose of the object to be constructed: What is to be developed? What is it for?

Explore and Investigate

  • Attempt a variety of strategies to complete tasks
  • Identify steps followed in completing the task and explain the purpose of each step
  • Identify materials and how they are used
  • Engage in all parts of the task and support the efforts of others

Students will show growth in acquiring and applying the following traits:

  • Curiosity
  • Confidence in personal ability to explore materials and learn by direct study
  • Inventiveness and willingness to consider new ideas
  • Perseverance in the search for understandings and for solutions to problems
  • A willingness to base their conclusions and actions on the evidence of their own experiences
  • A willingness to work with others in shared activities and in sharing of experiences
  • Appreciation of the benefits gained from shared effort and cooperation