STEM is an integrated approach to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

Our renewable energy programs embed the competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and personal growth and well-being.

Students use knowledge and strategic skills to apply the engineering and design process to solve challenges.


Harness the renewable energy of the sun! Students will learn about how solar power works and then put their knowledge to use as they create and test 3 solar powered models. Through experimentation, students will discover the power of the sun.

  • 1 volunteer per 4 students


Your students will be blown away by wind power as they construct and experiment with 3 models that captures this powerful renewable energy source.

  • 1 volunteer per 4 students


A basic human need, water is more than just a tasty beverage. This resource can be used to generate energy in a variety of renewable ways. Students will build 3 different prototypes and test the power of water.

  • 1 volunteer per 4 students


Students will explore each of the following renewable energy sources – solar, wind, water. They will create and test 1 model for each energy source. Through experimentation, students will receive an overview of each type.

  • 1 volunteer per 4 students

I really enjoyed the integration between subjects. This topic connects electricity, weather and stewardship in a meaningful way. Also, very hands-on!

L.A., Grade 5 TeacherEdmonton Christian Northeast School