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Get on your diving gear!

We’re headed deep down to the depths of the ocean floor with our expert diver Scuba Charlotte. She’ll show us how to use our senses to feel for patterns on shells, examine plant life and listen for danger! We’ll also learn how sea creatures use their senses to survive in the water. This deep sea adventure with overload your senses with fun!


  • Theme: Scuba Charlotte’s Ocean Adventure
  • Activities: Use the sense of touch to find mystery objects buried in sand, identify mystery smells and tastes, build an optical illusion craft, identify ocean sounds, learn about how sea lions use their senses and act out scenarios with small seals.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Optical illusion craft

Not available for the 2020-2021 school year.

This program can be delivered in the following ways

In-School Field Trip

Our tried and true 2 hour field trips take place right IN your classroom! No bus to rent, no wasted school time due to traveling and no long documents to fill out! Our experienced field trip presenters will come to your classroom to deliver our 100% provincial curriculum aligned field trips. Each theme based field trip is action packed and hands-on!

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.

It saves me from trying to manage these experiments as a single teacher with 25 students, as well as having to gather/organize/store all of the necessary materials.

Grade 1 TeacherOur Lady Queen of Peace School

There is a lovely variety of activities for each of the senses which is wonderful. The activities focus on lots of self-exploration and hands-on learning which is great. Matches with the curricular expectations spot on! Great program!

C.J., Grade 1 TeacherHoly Spirit School

The program was excellently organized and the Presenter was fantastic with both students and volunteers. The material goes deeply into the curriculum and covers many curricular outcomes. The students were engaged 100% of the time. The time was used efficiently.

N.B., Grade 1 TeacherMuriel Martin School

Aligned with the Science outcomes and inquiry process.

K.N., Grade 1 TeacherMadonna School

I love that the field trip is theme and center-based. Students are active and engaged and I am able to draw on the experience in future lessons to recap learning. This was great!

J.P., Grade 1 TeacherLeo Nickerson School
  • Identify each of the senses, and explain how we use our senses in interpreting the world.
  • Identify ways that our senses contribute to our safety and quality of life.
  • Apply particular senses to identify and describe objects or materials provided and to describe living things and environments. Students meeting this expectation will be able to describe characteristics, such as colour, shape, size, texture, smell and sound.
  • Recognize the limitations of our senses, and identify situations where our senses can mislead us; e.g. optical illusions, tasting with a plugged nose.
  • Recognize that other living things have senses, and identify ways that various animals use their senses; e.g., sensing danger, finding food, recognizing their own young, recognizing a potential mate.
  • Describe ways to take care of our sensory organs, in particular, our eyes and ears.