Want to add a special project to one of your curricular areas? Need an art project or gift for parents or volunteers?

Need an art project or gift for parents or volunteers? These Soapstone Art Projects are educational, hands-on and project-based. Each student will complete a soapstone sculpture to display in the classroom or to take-home. This In-School Field Trip will complement many curricular areas and all grade levels!

  • NEW Tree, Elephant, Woolly Mammoth and Maple Leaf shapes!


  • Activities: Students learn about traditional Inuit uses of soapstone, where soapstone comes from and the process the Inuit went through to get it. Students use various rasps, 3 grits of sandpaper and oil to carve and complete their own soapstone shape.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Personalized soapstone shape.

All the materials were supplied and the Presenter was organized and on time. Also, this was a unique opportunity that the students were engaged in for 2 hours straight! Absolutely fantastic! Even the parents were raving about it!

Grade 5 TeacherMillarville Community School

It was great to see how engaged the kids were in the project. Everyone enjoyed it, even the ones who aren't too keen on organized activities were visibly engaged (as well as the parent volunteers!). I also liked how individualized it was. The students could choose whether to decorate their maple leaf or not, and how to decorate it if they chose to do so, and it didn't affect the end product as they all turned out wonderfully. The Presenter was also great with the students.

Grade 6 TeacherKing George School

The soapstone was prepared and ready for the students to work on. The steps were clear and well thought out. Every student achieved a successful end product.

H.M., Grade 2 TeacherForest Heights School

I love watching my students start with a raw product and the excitement when they see the colours of their stone. The final product that my students have once they are done is really beautiful.

K.W., Grade 5 TeacherBertha Kennedy Catholic School

This difficulty rating is merely a suggestion, all grades can be successful no matter which shape is chosen.

soapstone project grizzly bear



soapstone project dinosaur brontosaurus

soapstone project butterfly

soapstone project christian cross

soapstone project dolphin

soapstone project egg

soapstone project elephant

soapstone project fox

soapstone project heart

soapstone project inuksuk

soapstone project loon

soapstone project maple leaf
Maple Leaf

soapstone project owl

soapstone project small penguin

Polar Bear

soapstone project rabbit


soapstone project sea turtle
Sea Turtle

soapstone project flower starfish
Starfish / Flower

soapstone project tree christmas

soapstone project whale


soapstone project woolly mammoth
Wholly Mammoth