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Come along with our Artisan Expert as we discover what life is like in Tunisia.

We will look at artifacts directly from Tunisia, learn traditional games like Mancala and discover what a Galimoto is used for. Students will learn about Tunisian goods and services as they spend Tunisian Dinars. Students will discover facts about daily life, geography, imports and exports and so much more. Each student will create a mosaic to take home!


  • Theme: A journey to Tunisia!
  • Activities: Literacy connection through a story about galimotos, play a custom board game, learn about and play traditional Tunisian games, examine authentic Tunisian artifacts sourced directly from Tunisia, exchange dinars for goods and services, create a mosaic design.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Tunisian mosaic design created by the students

This program can be delivered in the following ways

In-School Field Trip

Our tried and true 2 hour field trips take place right IN your classroom! No bus to rent, no wasted school time due to traveling and no long documents to fill out! Our experienced field trip presenters will come to your classroom to deliver our 100% provincial curriculum aligned field trips. Each theme based field trip is action packed and hands-on!

Volunteers: 3 requested

Take home: Tunisian mosaic design

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I like the authentic material provided from Tunisia. Everything was great, all of the centres were interesting and informative, and the students learned a lot!

S.C., Grade 3 TeacherSam Livingston School

The field trip was very organized. The Presenter had excellent class management skills and the kids really connected with her. The stations/centres were very different and as such, kept the kids very engaged. Students really retained a lot of information and were still talking about it the next morning.

Grade 3 TeacherEcole Holy Name School

Very relevant to the curriculum, the presenter was professional and had a great rapport with students, activities were enjoyed by all students.

K.S., Grade 3 TeacherDelwood School

3.1.1 Appreciate similarities and differences among people and communities:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of and interest in the beliefs, traditions and customs of groups
    and communities other than their own. (CC)

3.1.2 Examine the social, cultural and linguistic characteristics that affect quality of life in communities in other parts of the world by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:

  • What determines quality of life? (CC)
  • How does daily life reflect quality of life in the communities (e.g., employment, transportation, roles of family members)? (CC, ER, GC)
  • How does access to public services affect the communities? (e.g., schools, hospitals, libraries, transportation systems)? (ER, GC, PADM)
  • What are the traditions, celebrations, stories and practices in the communities that connect the people to the past and to each other (e.g., language spoken, traditions, customs)? (CC, GC, TCC)
  • How is identity reflected in traditions, celebrations, stories and customs in the communities? (CC, I, TCC)
  • How do the individuals and groups in the communities maintain peace? (GC, PADM)
  • How do the individuals and groups in the communities cooperate and share with other group members? (C, CC)
  • How is cultural diversity expressed within each community? (CC, I)