Garbage Headquarters has a mission for you!

You must defeat the evil Dr. Wasteful in a quest to reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s time to sort the trash, learn what new products we can make by recycling, examine packaging problems, and trace our trash through history. There’s a lot to learn – it’s not all rubbish!


  • Theme: Garbage Headquarters
  • Activities: Use detective skills to examine garbage, study items to discern how they should be disposed of, examine product packaging, re-enact what happens to household waste, observe what happens to items that get recycled.
  • Cross-curricular connections

I like how involved the students get in the ideas and how much they learn. We ended up coming back to class and they asked if we were now done that unit as they felt they had learned everything even though we weren't done our booklet.

S.P., Grade 4 TeacherSifton School

I enjoyed the hands-on aspect and the fact that most objectives from the unit were covered.

Grade 4 TeacherTalmud Torah School

Materials and message on point.Well organized and timely. Kids and parents derived benefit from this experience.

Grade 4 TeacherSt. Clare School

Students will distinguish between wastes that are readily biodegradable and those that are not.

  • Distinguish between wastes that are readily biodegradable and those that are not.
  • Compare different kinds of packaging and infer the relative advantages and disadvantages of that packaging. In evaluating different forms of packaging, students should demonstrate the ability to consider a consumer perspective as well as an environmental perspective.
  • Identify and classify wastes that result from human activity.
  • Describe alternative methods of disposal, and identify possible advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Identify alternative materials and processes that may decrease the amount of waste produced; e.g., reducing wastage of food, using both sides of a sheet of paper.
  • Identify ways in which materials can be reused or recycled, including examples of things that the student had done.
  • Identify actions that individuals and groups can take to minimize the production of wastes, to recycle or reuse wastes and to ensure the safe handling and disposal of wastes.
  • Develop and implement a plan to reduce waste, and monitor what happens over a period of time.