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Follow Skitter the Alien as he uncovers the mystery of getting healthy.

Learn the importance of how movement and nutrition build healthy, active people. Prepare yourself to be active so you can help Skitter become one fit and healthy alien!

 Take-Home: Healthy Kid’s Club Wristband


  • Theme: Skitter the Alien
  • Activities: Extract bones during a fun game, become blood droplets to travel through a circulation circuit, use a real stethoscope, practice some exercises, play 2 different kinds of memory games, examine different parts of the brain.
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • Take-Home: Each student chooses and keeps a Healthy Active Kid’s Club wrist band.

I like that another adult was telling the students about the importance of eating healthy, getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise. It makes it real to them when they hear it from different sources. It was active and hands-on!

D.C., Grade 2 TeacherOLQP School

The following Specific Learner Expectations (S.L.E.) will be explored during the Wellness: Healthy Active Kids! In-School Field Trip:

  • W-2.1 describe the effects of combining healthy eating and physical activity
  • W–2.2 examine the need for positive health habits; e.g., adequate sleep, sun protection
  • W–2.3 demonstrate appreciation for own body; e.g., make positive statements about activities one can do
  • W–2.5 classify foods according to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, and apply knowledge of food groups to plan for appropriate snacks and meals