Wood Projects: Bee House

Immerse your students in the wood building process! These cross-curricular projects are perfect for all subjects and grade levels and are ideal as gifts for parents, open houses and whole school activities.

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In-School Field Trips

Description: Why are bees so important? What can we do to protect them? Your students will be buzzing with excitement as they assemble their very own bee house to take home! Students will use a water-resistant wood glue as a fastener for their project. Nails and/or screw will be sent home for parents to reinforce the project if they choose.


Field Trips take place right IN your classroom. Our experienced presenters deliver curriculum-based field trips.


2 hours

Teacher Provides:



5+ recommended for K-2
3-5 recommended for Grade 3-6

Take Home:

Student-built bee house

Field Trips On Demand

Description: In Bee Houses, your students will join Beeatrice, a solitary bee living in her apartment, as she teaches them about the needs of solitary bees in our environment. From their unique living spaces to factors that are putting the population of these vital insects at risk, your students will be abuzz with excitement as they expand their knowledge and shift their perspective on bees. Your students will also get to follow along with Beeatrice as she walks them through constructing their very own wooden take-home bee house that can be enjoyed for years to come! Students will use a water-resistant wood glue as a fastener for their project. Nails and/or screw will be sent home for parents to reinforce the project if they choose.


Pre-recorded videos. Curriculum-based and works in all school re-entry scenarios (classroom and home learning).



Teacher Provides:

Water, cups, paper towel per student.


Division 1: 4-5+ recommended
Division 2: 3-5 recommended

Take Home:

Student-built bee house

Curricular Highlights


Wood Projects: Bee House

Alberta Grade:



Art, Environment, Project-Based, Science


Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration

What Teachers Are Saying

Grade 2 TeacherOur Lady of Wisdom

We absolutely loved doing this project! It fit perfectly with our science and art outcomes. The Bee Houses turned out so great! It will be a memorable project for sure. Thank you! (Field Trip on Demand)

R.B. Grade 3 TeacherEcole Bellevue School

Easy to follow the steps and you get a nice project done that you can take home and we are using it for Father's Day. (Field Trip on Demand)

M.K., Grade 1 TeacherDavidson Creek School

It covered two Science outcomes in one lesson and it is so valuable for children to know the importance of bees while giving them a vehicle to help save bees at the same time! (In-School program)

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