Sometimes, there are students who are absent during our field trips or the classroom teacher and parent volunteers would like additional materials to do the project/art activity themselves. Therefore, we have incorporated special pricing for materials left behind for:

  • Absent Students

  • Classroom Teacher

  • Parent Volunteers

Any materials left behind will be added to the field trip invoice.

Project Based Field Trips $10.00 each

  • Soapstone – 1 soapstone shape, sandpaper 
  • Buoyancy and Boats – 1 paddle boat kit including hull, paddles, elastics, smokestack and sandpaper
  • Creative Art – 1 wrapped canvas or 1 panel canvas and easel: paint excluded
  • Inuit – 1 inuksuk soapstone shape, sandpaper
  • Small Crawling and Flying Animals – 1 wooden insect box, plastic insect, geometric shape stickers
  • India – Quick dry clay and decorations
  • Catapult – 1 catapult set with dowels, sandpaper and elastics
  • Building Things – 1 box for platform, assorted building materials, 1 animal
  • The Ultimate Playground – 1 box for platform, assorted building materials, 1 piece of clay
  • Pioneer Log Cabin – all pieces required to build the log cabin including glue
  • Birdhouse – all wood pieces required to build the birdhouse but does not include glue
  • Dreamcatchers – all materials required to build a dreamcatcher
  • Acadia – wooden lighthouse (does not include paint)
  • A Prairie Community – wooden ball & cup
  • Magnetism – 1 box for platform, plastic dog, magnetic wand
  • Rocks and Minerals – 1 Digging stone and tool

All other field trip topics:  $6.75 each