Field Trip on Demand

Shipping Not Included
No Minimum Fee Applies

Includes project supplies


Regular Price (per student)
Creative Art




Wood Project: Beehouse


Wood Project: Birdhouse


Grade 2

Regular Price


Exploring Liquids


Buoyancy & Boats


Grade 3

Regular Price
Rocks & Minerals


Grade 5

Regular Price
Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

Not available at this time

Travel fees may apply for some locations.

Travel Fees

Field trips take place in your classroom so there are no bus fees!

Our field trips are GST exempt so you save even more money!

Promotional prices are applicable during advertised, time-limited promotional events. Promo code must be used at the time of booking.

Prices are per student per field trip. $18/student charge for extra students over the 32 student maximum.

Maximum of 32 students per field trip. Some field trips can accommodate up to an absolute maximum of 33 students. Additional charges apply.

Minimum fee is a flat rate and applies to classes with 15 or fewer students.

If a single class has more than 32 registered students, please contact our office to see if we can accommodate your larger group, subject to our discretion. This does not apply to combining multiple classroom groups.