Teacher’s Pet is thrilled to offer Residency Programs!

Our engaging Teacher’s Pet staff will come into your school for a set of workshops over the course of 2-4 weeks. Our approach to learning is creative, engaging and appeals to all learning styles.

Here are some exciting details:

  • After selecting a 1 or 2 hour format, we will build a dynamic, inquiry-based learning experience for all the students in your school.
  • Hands-on activities are the centre-piece for each curriculum-focused session: Science, Social Studies, Math, STEM, or Art – the choice is yours!
  • We provide an extensive range of materials for a successful Residency Program.
  • Teaming up with your teaching staff and administration, we will design themed workshops and a flexible time table to match your current curriculum needs.
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Residency Programs

Current Residency Programs

Robotic Explorations (Edison)

Students will build, code, & explore robotic engineering in a dynamic, discovery-based process. These programmable Edison Robots will amaze your students and spark their scientific curiosity! Working in partners, students will explore robotic challenges such as “Follow a Light”, “Clap Controlled Driving”, “Avoiding Obstacles”, “Line Tracking” and “Sumo-Wrestling”! Student led presentations promote sharing and collaborative learning throughout each session.

Do you want to go deeper into Robotic Engineering?

Our Teacher’s Pet staff will visit each class for a second session. Students will use web-based coding software to expand their robotic experience!

Contact us for more info

Artistic Creations (K-6)

Pick your project then choose your medium! With over 30 projects and 4 different mediums to choose from, each class is sure to receive their own unique experience!

Mediums include oil pastels, watercolours, tempera pucks and acrylic paint. Students will either be painting on watercolour paper, canvas or wooden cut outs.

More details to follow.
  • 3 volunteers needed

Cubelets: Modular Robotics (K-6)

Little robots that teach big ideas! Working in groups, students will explore the endless combinations of these magnetic cubes! The numerous possibilities provide plenty of challenges and opportunities for problem solving, creativity and teamwork.

More details to follow.
  • 1 volunteer per 4 students

There’s more to come! Keep checking back for updates.