Teacher’s Pet is thrilled to offer Residency Programs!

Our engaging Teacher’s Pet staff will come into your school for a set of workshops over the course of 2-4 weeks. Our approach to learning is creative, engaging and appeals to all learning styles.

Here are some exciting details:

  • After selecting a 1 or 2 hour format, we will build a dynamic, inquiry-based learning experience for all the students in your school.
  • Hands-on activities are the centre-piece for each curriculum-focused session: Science, Social Studies, Math, STEM, or Art – the choice is yours!
  • We provide an extensive range of materials for a successful Residency Program.
  • Teaming up with your teaching staff and administration, we will design themed workshops and a flexible time table to match your current curriculum needs.
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Residency Programs

Current Residency Programs

Robotic Explorations

Students will build, code, & explore robotic engineering in a dynamic, discovery-based process. These programmable Edison Robots will amaze your students and spark their scientific curiosity! Working in partners, students will explore robotic challenges such as “Follow a Light”, “Clap Controlled Driving”, “Avoiding Obstacles”, “Line Tracking” and “Sumo-Wrestling”! Student led presentations promote sharing and collaborative learning throughout each session.

Do you want to go deeper into Robotic Engineering?

Our Teacher’s Pet staff will visit each class for a second session. Students will use web-based coding software to expand their robotic experience!

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There’s more to come! Keep checking back for updates.