Ever wish that you could access a video to one of our amazing programs and use it in your own classroom whenever you want?

Guess what? Now you can!

Field Trip on Demand lets you bring our programs to your students on your schedule. We have developed curriculum-based pre-recorded videos for a variety of topics. Each Field Trip on Demand video has an accompanying project for your students to create and keep. You choose when and where you would like to have the program. Students can watch the video and do the project in the classroom or at home. Project supplies are shipped right to your school or home. Explore our variety of convenient new programs that will bring excitement and entertainment into your classroom.

New programs being added! Keep checking back as we expand the number of programs available!

How to Book and Access a Field Trip on Demand Video:

  1. Book your Field Trip on Demand online or by contacting our office.
  2. Choose a date for when you want to receive the project supplies for the video.
  3. Determine the number of students (sets of materials) that you want shipped to your school.
  4. We will ship you the supplies approximately 2 weeks in advance of your chosen date for the video.
  5. Once your supplies have been shipped to you, your school will be invoiced, and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  6. If you need to change the number of students (sets of materials), you must notify us at least 15 business days before your chosen date for the video.
  7. If you need additional materials sent to your school but we have already shipped your materials, there will be an additional shipping charge and we cannot guarantee that the additional materials will arrive by your chosen date for the video.
  8. The video link will be emailed to you. Once you click on the link, you will have 48 hours to view the video and then it will expire.
  9. The video does not have to shown on the exact date that you chose when booking the program. You have the flexibility to change the date to fit your schedule. However, the video link will expire at the end of each school year if it has not been used.