Looking for a new and exciting way to bring our amazing Presenter-led programs into your classroom?

We have the solution for you!

Video Conference programs bring our unique curriculum-based presentations right to the big screen in your classroom. Our Service Provider will link to your classroom via video conference and facilitate the program. These engaging 1.5-hour programs include an amazing project for each student to create and keep. Project supplies are shipped right to your school or home (online learners).

Explore our variety of fun new video conference programs that will keep your students excited and engaged.

More topics being added. Keep checking back!

How to Book a Video Conference Program

  1. Pick a topic.
  2. Book online or contact our office.
  3. Determine the number of students (sets of materials) that you want shipped to your school.
  4. We will ship you the supplies approximately 2 weeks in advance of your program date.
  5. Once your supplies have been shipped to you, your school will be invoiced, and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  6. If you need to change the number of students (sets of materials), you must notify us at least 15 business days before your chosen date for the video.
    Once supplies have been shipped, there is no refund for unused supplies.
  7. If you need additional materials sent to your school but we have already shipped your materials, there will be an additional shipping charge and we cannot guarantee that the additional materials will arrive by your chosen date for the video.
  8. The video conference link will be emailed to you approximately 5 days before your program date.
  9. On the day of the program, click the video conference link approximately 10 minutes before the start time.
  10. Your students will be engaged in a curriculum based virtual in-school field trip with a live Presenter and amazing project!