Rokenbok – Power ROK Lift


The Power ROK-Lift is a Rokenbok accessory which is used to take a large load of ROKs up to a high point of a Rokenbok build. The ROK-Lift has a plate on the front as a button to operate an elevating mechanism similar to the RC Elevator. The mechanism contains gears which ride along a Rokenbok piece called “Elevator Racks” with grooved edges designed for the ROK Lift and the RC Elevator. An RC vehicle dumps ROKs into a storage bin on either side of the lift module, then bumps into the button to start the elevating motion; once the module reaches a cap piece, the bins automatically dump into a receiving container or chute, and the module returns to the bottom.

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Weight 3.01 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 x 8.5 x 5in