Trebuchet Kit


This tabletop trebuchet will stand up to rigorous use, safely and reliably firing the included projectiles. The sturdy wooden construction of this miniature catapult model is ideal for classroom demonstration, but it is equally at home on the desk of any medieval enthusiast. As part of a project on medieval history, as the centerpiece of a science project, or sitting on the mantel, it is sure to draw attention and generate interest.

Each piece has been accurately machined from carefully chosen lumber, and precisely drilled to allow easy assembly. Detailed, clearly illustrated assembly instructions guide the builder through each step of construction. The completed model measures 20.3cm(8″) x 10.1cm(4″) x 15.2cm(6″). A how-to section demonstrates loading and firing the completed catapult, including tips on tuning the finished kit.

This tabletop kit has been designed to safely demonstrate the operation of a trebuchet. With a simple, reliable trigger, a low counterweight mass and lightweight projectiles this catapult is ideal for indoor use.

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Weight .44 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 3.75 x 2in