Wooden Puzzle


Wooden puzzle offers endless possibilities for creative fun! Draw, colour, paint, and embellish to create your own unique puzzle!

BONUS: Grade 5 Histories and Stories Social Studies Based Curriculum Activity Ideas available with your purchase!

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The Histories and Stories Project Activities Resource is a bonus add-on that can be included with your purchase of the wooden puzzles Classroom Project order. This project is a great cumulative activity to supplement your teaching materials for the Grade 5 Social Studies unit, Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada.

The Project Activities Resource briefly summarizes 4 major topics in the Grade 5 unit:

Canada’s Identity
The Voyageurs
The Great Migration
The Fur Trade

Completing this project with your students at the end of the unit, is a great way to wrap up all the outcomes students already learned. Students will be able to make connections about Canadian history and how Canada came to be the multicultural mosaic it is today. Although suggestions on how to decorate the wooden puzzles has been provided in this resource for your convenience, feel free to use these wooden puzzles as you see fit in your classroom!


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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5.5 x 1in
BONUS: Grade 5 Histories and Stories Social Studies Curriculum Based Activity Ideas available with your purchase!

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