Late Arrivals

If a student is late for a tutorial, the tutor will attempt to reach the student and/or parent by phone, and will wait at the tutorial location for 10 minutes. If the student does not arrive within 10 minutes, the session is considered ‘Missed’ and the tutorial session will be charged in full. If the student does arrive within 10 minutes, the tutoring session will resume for the remainder of the originally scheduled session. You will still be charged for the full hour.


24 hours’ notice is required for ANY change in schedule or absence, with the exception of absences due to illness. Please contact the tutor directly to reschedule a session.

If 24 hours’ notice is not provided, the session will be considered ‘Missed’ and the session will be charged in full.

In the event of illness, a minimum of 3 hours’ notice is required in order for your tutorial to be rescheduled to a later date. Less than 3 hours’ notice will result in the full amount of the tutorial being charged.