We are always looking for exceptional teachers to join our team! Our outstanding tutors have a passion for teaching that shows in the energy and excellence they bring to every tutorial.

What can Teacher’s Pet offer me?

  • Experience pure teaching, where the focus is on the student
  • The opportunity to teach the subjects that you are passionate about
  • The flexibility to have the ultimate balance between your home and work life
  • Conducting one-on-one tutorials either in the student’s home or a public library
  • A part time position where you determine your own schedule
  • You determine which location(s) you would like to work from and which subjects you will tutor
  • Great pay!!


What qualifications do I need?

  • An enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge with your students
  • Excellent communication skills


  • All teachers must have a Bachelor of Education degree

Specialized Instructor

  • Specialized Instructors must have a university degree in a related discipline such as Math, Science or French

Junior Tutor

  • All Junior tutors must be currently enrolled in a university degree program

How do I apply?

Please email resume, along with 3 professional references, to tutoring@tpet.ca

Please note: If you are selected to work with Teacher’s Pet, a criminal check is mandatory and must be provided by the applicant at his/her expense.