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You won’t find generic, levelled worksheets or a cookie-cutter approach to our tutorials. All tutorials are one-on-one and are based upon what the student needs to be successful in the classroom. Our tutors will help you catch up, understand those difficult concepts, study for exams, and work closely with you to help you succeed.

Tutoring Subject Areas

Work with tutors who are specialists in that subject and many of our tutors are certified, experienced teachers.

If requested, we will liaison with the classroom teacher to ensure a comprehensive approach to helping the student succeed.

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Tutorials can take place in the student’s home or library.

We are dedicated to our student’s success!

It is truly like having your own personal resource room teacher.

Highly Experienced Tutors

Provide students with the tools they need to succeed.


An initial phone consultation enables us to best determine how to meet each student’s specific learning needs. Our tutors then develop an individualized learning plan for that student.


One-on-one tutoring allows each student to progress at their own pace.


Our tutors specialize in specific subjects so they can best meet each learner’s needs.


We can meet at your home or a nearby library, whichever is a better fit for you and your student.


We offer the ability to meet your tutor at times that fit your student’s and family’s schedule.


We can be in touch with your student’s classroom teacher to ensure continuity in learning.

We have 3 categories of tutors to best meet your needs.

Private, customized tutorials with certified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutors, to help students of all ages and abilities.


(Bachelor of Education)
  • Kindergarten to Post-Secondary
  • $46.50/hour (*excluding travel)

Specialized Instructor

(University degree in a related discipline)
  • Kindergarten to Post-Secondary
  • $46.50/hour (*excluding travel)

Junior Tutor

(University Student)
  • $36.50/hour (*excluding travel)

Additional Fees

*Travel fees within Edmonton – $8.50/session. A separate travel fee applies to outlying areas and is dependent on distance traveled.

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Tutoring - Careers

Our tutor has been excellent for Eric's development. His attitude and enthusiasm for school have improved materially since they started working together. I can't thank her enough for taking a genuine interest in his development. We are hoping they can continue working together as he enters junior high. The other positive is that he received 80%+ on all of his PATs this year. I don’t think he would have had near those results without the tutoring.

C.H., parent

We really appreciate our tutor, she helps Vianne apply whatever math concepts that are being covered by the teacher to everyday life circumstances. I’m a real fan of application vs rote memorization. Our tutor also has a calm, kind, clear style of teaching which I think helps Vianne. Our tutor is always checking back with Vianne to make sure she’s helping Vianne understand the concepts. Two thumbs up; thanks a lot!

A.A., parent

I have found our tutor to be consistently on time, prepared, kind, conscientious, and focused not only on the "what" of learning, but the "how", trying different strategies to support memory retention and connections with the material.

K.S., parent

Our tutor is great! Both my girls are doing well in math and she is the reason. Huge confidence boost! Especially our one daughter as the tutor is helping her prepare for the PAT’s. Thanks, we will continue with her as long as we can!

V.F., parent

Seth loves his tutor and we’ve seen real progress with him. We’ve also asked her to work on his English recently.
We are very happy and plan to continue with her.

J.L, parent

Shawn is progressing nicely in his subjects. We appreciate both tutors in all of their efforts and patience during their sessions with Shawn. All good things to say for both ladies. Keep up the good work!

M.D, parent

I can't speak highly enough of our tutor. Both of my children have had a very successful school year to date and our tutor has had a huge input with that success. Coming from Australia earlier in the year the kids had missed 6mths of the new school year and were struggling in all aspects. Having regular tutoring has given the kids not only confidence but has closed the gap with what the children had previously missed. I'm particularly impressed with my daughter’s progress who had her highest math mark/ percentage to date, and previously as sad as it is to say, hadn't passed a math test! Our tutor has been tremendous and the kids love her. We have had tutors previously but nothing comes close to our tutor's professionalism and Teacher's Pet.

R.M., parent

We had a great year with our tutor. We will definitely be looking to start up again come fall!

V.G., parent

Our tutor has been a really great fit for both my kiddos. They really like her and they both have expressed to me that they feel better about math and think their grades have improved! She has even helped them with studying strategies and spent some time with them on different subjects when needed. We love her!

J.F., parent

A.B., parentThe tutor has been wonderful for Dania and worked very hard with her this year. We are pleased with her progress this year and feel that her foundation skills are stronger. Thank you so much!

Our tutor was a caring, committed tutor. She was just perfect for Kristen. She had a sense of humour and made learning a challenging subject fun. Kristen learned much from our tutor and actually looked forward to her visits. We would highly recommend her and would request her again if ever needed.

K.E., parent

Our tutor has been a huge help to us. Emilia went from not being able to read at all to full reading and writing. Her confidence has increased incredibly knowing she's on par with other students. Emilia and our tutor have an amazing bond, I feel they are a perfect fit for each other. Emilia waits by the door for her when she knows its tutoring day. I appreciate all of you for your business and hard work. I never feel our money is wasted. I am truly grateful.

S.M., parent

Laura is doing well in school, the tutor is a great help. She understands Laura's needs and problem areas and addresses them with ease. We are very happy with the tutor and Teachers Pet.

N.Z., parent

Thank you for a wonderful service and, most importantly, an amazing tutor. Ryan really liked working with the tutor and we are so pleased with the results he experienced this school year! We have no complaints at all! In fact, Ryan achieved Honour Roll this year, for the first time.

C.B., parent

We are very pleased with the tutoring for our son and would recommend her as well as Teachers Pet. It was a very successful experience not only in math but in study habits and tips for less stressful exams. Thank you very much.

N.M., parent

We have had our math tutor for many years now. I often tell other moms that my daughter learns more in a one-hour session with our tutor than she learns in an entire week of math class. My daughter's confidence in her math abilities increases with every session. As a parent, it can be difficult, frustrating, and stressful to try and 'help' your child in math. My daughter is much more willing and eager to learn and get help from our tutor and she leaves each session feeling confident and has a positive attitude in regards to the lessons learned that day.

H.D., parent

Our tutor has been tremendous academic support to my daughter. She is friendly, professional and an excellent teacher.

D.F., parent

We are incredibly happy with our tutor - she has been an excellent tutor for our daughter. The progress she has made in this last year has been outstanding.

G.F., parent

We chose Teacher's Pet tutors for our daughters due to their professionalism. The program coordinators always get back to you right away either through email or by phoning. They have been very helpful in finding the 'right fit' tutor for our children. Our tutors have been very organized and work well with our kids. They have been flexible with the location for tutoring and answer any questions we have as to how they are doing. I have recommended Teachers Pet in the past and will continue to do so.

T.W., parent

We have hired tutors through Teacher’s Pet on and off for 4–5 years and we are continually impressed with how great they are and how our son has progressed working with them. The tutor is just amazing, our son adores him and really enjoys going to his tutor sessions. The tutor is great at adjusting his teaching strategies to our son’s learning style.

D.L., parent

Brandon thinks his tutor is a great tutor. He is patient and explains Chemistry in a way that is understood.

J.C., parent

Our tutor has made a huge difference in my daughter’s math skills and with her self-confidence. Her teacher at school has noticed a difference in her abilities as well. Our tutor has a great teaching manner and my daughter enjoys her sessions every week. We hope our tutor never stops tutoring as we would love to have her throughout my daughter's schooling.

C.V., parent

Our tutor came into a challenging situation where our daughter was far from progressing at all in Math. She was not doing or attempting to do her assignments and we were finding it difficult to motivate her. Out tutor and our daughter were able to set up a rapport and Joleen began to believe she could do the math. They set up a good weekly routine and Joleen began to progress through her Math book. It began slowly as she failed her first test but as the year progressed she began to pass and excel at her tests (80%). It was very satisfying for Joleen to pass as she was motivated and believed she would pass her grade which she did! Joleen needed this math to give her the life skills she will need in the work world. We are requesting further work with our tutor this summer to give Joleen a bit of a head start for next year. Out tutor and Joleen were a great success.

A.S., parent

The tutor has made a huge difference in my daughter's math skills and with her self confidence. Her teacher at school has noticed a difference in her abilities as well. The tutor has a great teaching manner and my daughter enjoys her sessions every week. We hope the tutor never stops tutoring as we would love to have her throughout my daughter's schooling.

C.V., parent

Our tutor was very patient which we appreciated. We liked the way she taught and communicated with Matteo, he could understand what she was teaching him. Overall he did better in English and Math and we were very happy with our tutor.

M.G., parent


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